Piano Lessons in Glendora & Rancho Cucamonga

Applause Music Academy offers piano lessons for students of all ages and abilities, from beginners to very advanced students. We offer every style of piano lesson, from classical to jazz and pop.

Today’s Pianos and Keyboards

We have students who want to tinker with the piano just for fun and there are those who wish to pursue music as a career. We have piano teachers on our staff that are able to match the student's particular age, ability, and interest.

We start offering piano lessons from age 4 onwards. For the more advanced students, we have master teachers in piano who can teach advanced repertoire and prepare students for university entrance.

little girl playing piano

Kids Love the Piano, as do Adults!

The Piano is a fantastic choice for beginner students, whether they are kids or adults! Some of the reasons for that include:

  • The Piano is relatively easy to start as compared, for example, to the violin. Players don’t need to tune the piano before playing since it requires either periodic tunings by a professional piano tuner, or, as in the case of an electronic keyboard, no tuning at all!

  • Quick, impressive results! Within a couple of lessons, students manage to play basic melodies. These quick early successes are highly motivational!

  • Tone production on the piano/keyboard is “easy”! Fundamentally, you press a key on the keyboard and you will create a tone! Moving a bow across a violin string requires extensive practice to generate a musical tone, rather than a “scratch.” Wind instruments can be even harder to learn.

  • The sound of a keyboard is big and impressive, especially when played with both hands!


Piano lessons are offered to students of all abilities and ages starting at 4 years old. Our teachers are committed to incorporate a comprehensive musical foundation at each lesson. Basic note reading, rhythm, solid technique, and expressive playing are incorporated in each lesson. Our teachers make the learning process fun and enjoyable through games, activities, and different styles of music. Lessons are tailored to meet each student’s needs, abilities, interests, and pace of learning. Our students are encouraged to participate in our studio workshops, recitals, festivals, and examination at state, national, and international levels.


  • No commitment, no contract. Tuition is collected on a month-to-month basis.

  • Unlimited rescheduling options

  • Highly qualified instructors

  • Masterclasses with master teachers

  • Enrollment to Musician Success Path

  • International, National and State Exam preparation

  • Competition preparation

  • Numerous performance opportunities

  • Professional Picture Day

Lesson Descriptions:

  • Every June and December our students have the opportunity to perform on a stage. Trophies and certificates are presented. Our students get to show off their skills in style. Admission is free. You are welcome to invite as many friends and family as you wish.

  • Our brightly colored rooms and smiling instructors make AMA a fun environment to learn and explore music!

  • Piano lessons at the Academy are individualized to meet the needs of each unique student. Do they love Pop, Rock, or Beethoven? We have an instructor who would LOVE to work with them on what they are passionate about.

Where to find us


Applause Music Academy provides Music Lessons and Classes to students of all Ages and Levels of Ability. To offer you easy access to our services, we have convenient locations in Glendora and in Rancho Cucamonga. We specialize in tailoring our instruction to your individual strengths to help you progress quickly and reach your goals.





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