Guitar/Bass/Ukulele Lessons in Glendora & Rancho Cucamonga

In terms of popularity and musical versatility, the guitar comes in as a close second to the Piano. The rise of Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, and many other types of popular music would have been unthinkable without the sound of the guitar! That’s why the instrument is so popular with students of all ages. In addition to its musical and cultural appeal, the guitar also comes in different sizes to fit players of all ages and body types.

Guitar Sizes

The main guitar sizes are known as ¼ (quarter size), ½ (half), ¾ (three quarter), and 4/4 (full size). Getting the right guitar size is especially important for younger students. As a rule of thumb, students up through 5 years of age may need a quarter-size guitar, whereas ½ and ¾ guitars are more appropriate for older children. Most adults require a full size guitar, though women with smaller hands (as well as some teenagers) may prefer a ⅞ size guitar.

Please talk to your guitar instructor to determine which size is right for you or your child.


Guitar Types

Depending on instrument materials, shapes, and tone production, there is an exciting variety of guitar types to suit your musical tastes and preferences! They each produce a different, characteristic guitar sound. Your choices range from nylon string guitar (a great choice for beginners), acoustic guitar (with steel strings), electric guitar (with amplification and endless electronic “distortions”) to jazz guitar (archtop), among other types and variations.

Are you excited to start learning the guitar?


We offer acoustic and electric guitar lessons to students of all ages and abilities. Our instructors guide each student to developing proper plucking and strumming technique, fingering, and understanding of standard and tab notations. Lessons can focus on various styles of music such as rock, pop, classical, jazz and more. Our instructors customize each lesson to fit the student’s level of interest, ability and pace of learning.

Guitar lessons at Applause Music Academy give our students the opportunity of learning how to jam with other musicians in a band setting or how to perform solo in one of our recitals. No matter what type of guitar lessons you are interested in, we have the instructors to help you gain the knowledge.


  • No commitment, no contract. Tuition is collected on a month-to-month basis.

  • Unlimited rescheduling options

  • Highly qualified instructors

  • Masterclasses with master teachers

  • Enrollment to Musician Success Path

  • International, National and State Exam preparation

  • Competition preparation

  • Numerous performance opportunities

  • Professional Picture Day

Where to find us


Applause Music Academy provides Music Lessons and Classes to students of all Ages and Levels of Ability. To offer you easy access to our services, we have convenient locations in Glendora and in Rancho Cucamonga. We specialize in tailoring our instruction to your individual strengths to help you progress quickly and reach your goals.





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