Benefits of Music

Why study music?

Music can transform young lives more than most classes. Scroll down to see how:


Music gives your child a place to express themselves

From the moment a new musician enters a music store and picks out an instrument to the day they select a challenging piece to master, music is the place for creativity. Music engages both hemispheres of the brain – both the creative and logical sides – for unparalleled learning. It’s a great introduction to symbolism, a way to explore emotion and express themselves like no other. The right instrument can open up a new world for your child from lesson one.

Music class teaches discipline

The act of playing in a group to a guided tempo is a small taste of what it means to be disciplined. Music also requires regular practice and performances ask students to show up on time and be prepared to support their fellow musicians. Best of all, music puts all of these acts in the context of something fun and beautiful. If you want your child to understand the importance of discipline and responsibility, there’s no better place than Applause Music Academy.


Music builds confidence

When students practice, practice, practice until a piece is perfect, they get to celebrate that accomplishment! Music helps kids understand that hard work pays off and lets them revel in their good work. Recitals for an audience are another huge boost and keep your little one excited about the chance to master a new piece. At Applause Music Academy, we celebrate each milestone and give students a chance to feel good about their hard work!

Music builds memory

Sure, music class is full of beautiful memories with new friends, but did you know that the act of memorizing the notes to a song also improves your child’s overall memory? Music lessons give your child’s working memory a massive advantage. That carries over into other subjects so that your little one’s math, spelling, or reading skills can soar along with their music!


Music builds language skills

That’s right – kids who study music also do well with linguistics. This happens for a few reasons – the increased brain activity, their improved memory, and because students do more than play music, they read it. That teaches the brain to recognize patterns and to find meaning in symbols, a skill that translates perfectly to language class. There is such a clear correlation that did a compelling study on this incredible benefit in kids who take professional music lessons.

It’s never too late to learn how to play!

We welcome beginners and all levels no matter what age!

Where to find us


Applause Music Academy provides Music Lessons and Classes to students of all Ages and Levels of Ability. To offer you easy access to our services, we have convenient locations in Glendora and in Rancho Cucamonga. We specialize in tailoring our instruction to your individual strengths to help you progress quickly and reach your goals.





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